Semester 2 Academic Year 2019-2020

All seminars take place on Thursday 11.15-12.45 at the St. Mary’s College Hall, unless otherwise noted.


Thursday 30 January 2020
“Writing Academic Biographies: Pope Francis, the 14thDalai Lama and Edna Adan of Somaliland”
Professor Mario I. Aguilar (University of St. Andrews)
Thursday 6 February 2020
“From Pure in Heart to Immaculate Conception: Mining Scripture for a Liberating Marian Purity”
Emilie Krenn-Grosvenor (University of St. Andrews)
Thursday 13 February 2020
“Caste and Christianity in India”
Rev. Dr. Anderson Jeremiah (University of Lancaster)
Thursday 20 February 2020
“The Trickster, Jesus and the Powerful”
Hunter Daggett (University of St. Andrews)
Thursday 27 February 2020
“Religion as a Tool of Resistance: The Abyssinian Invasion of the Somali Region in Ethiopia, 1887-1889”
Mohamed Haji Ingiriis (University of Oxford)
Monday 2 March 2020
Launching of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide and Tearfund Report
“Listening to the Local Church in Conflict-Affected Fragile States”
This report is a result of a six-month research project undertaken by Tearfund and CCCW in collaboration. Fieldwork was conducted in 2019 in South Sudan, Syria and Lebanon. The role of the church in seven fragile countries with protracted conflicts is reviewed –Syria, Iraq, Myanmar, Burundi,Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.
Introduction: Professor Mario I. Aguilar (University of St. Andrews)
Tearfund Director Catriona Dejan
Tearfund Impact and Research Advisor, Dr Madleina Daehnhard
Marjorie Gourlay,Research Associate for CCCW
Dr Muthuraj Swamy, Director of CCCW
Thursday 5 March 2020
“Escaping ISIS: The Faith and Politics of Internally Displaced Christians in Iraq”
Dr Andrew Marin (University of St. Andrews)
Thursday 2 April 2020
“The Great Hack –A Christian TheologicalReflection on Cambridge Analytica and Big Data in Politics”
Dr Eric Stoddart(University of St. Andrews)
Thursday 9 April 2020
‘The Brazilian Morunguetá: How the Society of Jesus and the Amazonian Indigenous Engaged in the Birth of a New Nation (Brazil)’
Braulia Barbosa Ribeiro (University of St. Andrews)
Thursday 16 April 2020
Conferences 2020:
Annual Meeting of the European Academy of Religion
Bologna 22-25 June 2020
Interfaith Dialogue and Signing of the Declaration for a Shared Humanity University of Tsukuba Japan
10-12 October 2020,
Theology, Laudato Si’and the Caring for the Planet St. Mary’s College
Saturday 14 November 2020